TV & Radio Appearances

25 Jan 2010
The Veterans’ Radio Show
WECK 1230 NY

7 Dec 2009
"Voice America:  One Hour at a Time"

30 Nov 2009
CNN Anderson Cooper 360

17 Nov 2009
NPR “On Point”

10 Nov 2009
NPR “All Things Considered”

9 Nov 2009 
Air America Radio
“Montel Across America”

9 Nov 2009
WLS-AM Chicago
“Don Wade and Roma”

6 Nov 2009
CNN “American Morning”

5 Nov 2009
CNN “Anderson Cooper 360”

5 Nov 2009
CNN “Larry King Live”

12 May 2009
CNN Newsroom:  Interview with international correspondent Steve Carroll

11 May 2009
CNN Campbell Brown Show

11 May 2009
CNN Newsroom, Kyra Phillips

24 April 2008
Blog Talk Radio

5 May 2008
XM Radio
“Reach MD”

November 2008
Wake-Up Call with Dr. Josh
Birmingham, AL radio WERC

17 Dec 2007
WUNC North Carolina Public Radio
“The Story” with Dick Gordon

18 Dec 2007
KXTV and 12 News Arizona

January 18, 2008 and February 27, 2008
Minnesota Public Radio

Program Notes and Audio

December 17, 2007
WUNC, North Carolina Public Radio

The Story
Program Notes | Listen to Audio

Februay 25, 2008
KPBS, San Diego Public Radio
These Days
Program Notes | Listen to Audio (MP3)

February 7, 20008, Chicago
Invited address at Pritzker Military Library

Program Overview | Video (Real Media Player)

March 5, 2008
WIVB-TV, Buffalo NY TV

December 18, 2007
KXTV & 12 News, Arizona

Story and Video

Voice of America

Read Article  |  Listen to Audio

KSFO Barbara Simpson "The Babe in the Bunker"

The Babe in the Bunker

News 10, Sacramento

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CNN Newsroom with Kyra Philips


NPR:  All Things Considered
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PRI:  Fair Game with Faith Salie
Listen to Audio 

YOU -- The Owner's Manual" Radio Show
Radio interview with Dr. Mike Roizen
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August 31, 2007
NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

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August 21, 2007

A book reading of Rule Number Two, in which Heidi Kraft presented an invited address to a group from the University Club in Washington, DC, was featured on CSPAN's Book TV over Labor Day weekend (2-3 Sept).
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January 16, 2007

A Hero's Hand, an interview by CNN's Kyra Phillips, described the interaction Heidi had with Marine Medal of Honor recipient Jason Dunham. It aired in January 2007. 
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